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The high quality of our products and operating procedures allows us to satisfy the demanding needs of final consumers (automotive industry, household appliances, electrical equipment, fluid dynamics, radiators, lighting appliances, etc.) and independent foundries. Our production mainly focuses on die casting alloys; however, it also includes products made by shell moulding and sand casting:

NORMA UNI EN 1676:2020

More recently, thanks to the collaboration with important operators in the field of primary aluminum (laminators, extruders), we have developed a dedicated service for the transformation of wastes coming from their production process. Taking advantage of our know-how and the machineries available, we are able to regenerate and return wastes to their original function in the form of ingots or titled sows. This allows us to help those firms that wish to maintain control of their metal and hedge against market volatility.


In addition to the activity in the field of nonferrous metals, we regularly supply steel plants (ingots, hemispheres and grains with Al content up to 98% for the deoxidation of steel) and other producers of articles (powders, mixtures, sleeves, formats, etc.) in the steel industry.


Bancale di alluminio in pani

A fully automated process piles 10 kg ingots on strapped pallets of about 1000 kg, with or without plastic wrapping depending on customer specifications.

Miscele e granuli di alluminio

The installation of specific grinding/selection/mixing systems allows us to meet the needs of:

  • Steel plants (deoxidation/slag fluidization)

  • Manufacturers of sleeves and ISO/ESO products for steel casting

in terms of:

* Grain size

* Content of Al and other metals

* Content of AI203 and other oxides

* Percentage of salts

* Density

* Reactivity

* Type of packaging, etc.

Cloruro di sodio e potassio

The complete washing of the residues carried out during our production cycle, allows the dissolution of the salts contained.  An ad hoc water evaporation system allows crystallization, returning pure salts (NaCl and KCI) that can be reused as protective fluxes in subsequent aluminum melting phases.


Always attentive to environmental issues, in compliance with Legislative Decree 116/2020 which adopts the EU2018/851 and EU2018/852 directives, we have drawn up an Environmental Label to recommend the correct disposal of our products' packaging.

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